Terra Incognita concentrates on examining and liberating the actor’s process — and the human life process — through several branches of work: open training workshops; closed practical exploration; and writings.

Happening in our residence at CAVE in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, since 2009, our practical explorations form the centerpiece of our efforts. Performances and other projects arise from here periodically, but this work remains our constant focus.

As another venue through which to share our work with the greater community, we have begun a series of writings that reflect the struggles and discoveries that emerge from our practical work. You can read them here. (Coming soon.)

In addition to her ongoing scene-study class at Michael Howard Studios, Ms. Klimovitskaya, often assisted by members of the company, teachesĀ  both in the United States and abroad, annually in Portugal and occasionally in other countries, as well. These workshops serve as the best opportunity for performers to contact and experience Terra Incognita’s unique practical work — and as the best way for us to get to know them. Sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye to this website for information about specific workshops.

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