Hair of Sand

Hair of Sand pulls the animate into momentous symmetry with the inanimate: energized by Ms. Klimovitskaya’s Kinetic Mind Practice, the piece is neither wholly performance nor simply installation, but a complete synthesis, inviting the observer to steal away from the burdensome role of spectator and encompass the full experience of this revelatory work. The piece explores principles of movement.

Two female figures lie in opposite directions, in the current, second iteration, supported by an architectural fragment based on Michelangelo’s Capella Medici, like a solid wave that follows the natural movement of the body. Their hair meets over a pillow of sand that sifts through the platform as they move, creating the illusion that the ‘stone’ of the element itself were disintegrating.

Emerging from years of work with Terra Incognita Theater’s signature Kinetic Mind Practice, the performers employ a highly developed training where an inner impulse initiates movement as steady and essential as the sands’ drip. The sand will not fall without the almost imperceptible shifting of head and hair, and the women’s movement becomes perceptible only through the accumulation of sand gathering in a pile below in a finely illuminated into lower chamber, which looks like the bottom half of an hourglass. At times the sand obscures the light, but it is our awareness of that movement—and the light’s constancy–at intervals grounding our view of time and space through the unremitting journey of the energy in all life.

Hair of Sand received a grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in 2008 and performed in 2009 via the chashama Windows Program and at Dixon Place. In collaboration with artist Julia Nitsberg.

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