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Terra Incognita enjoys hearing from members of the public, who should feel free to write at any time.

Artists of all types who might have interest in working with Terra Incognita — including, but not limited to, cinematographers, musicians, visual artists, writers, and lighting, costume, and set designers — should also feel free to contact the company. That goes, as well, for members of the media and people with other related interests, including arts administrators, publicity professionals, presenters, academics, and so on.

Generally, Terra Incognita does not invite performers to join the company until they have spent time training with Ms. Klimovitskaya. The company does, however, always welcome inquiries from performers and other artists of all kinds and remains open to possibilities that might arise. Feel free to make us a proposal or simply to introduce yourself, noting your particular interest in Terra Incognita. For more information about training, look here.

For any sort of inquiry, please contact us using the form below.

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