MOVING LANDSCAPE at FIGMENT on Governor’s Island

Terra Incognita brings the brand-new iteration of its interactive, public-space performance to the FIGMENT festival. Emerging from old children’s games and manifested into a mysterious drama for all ages, Moving Landscape engages the deep social impulses, joys and fears, of spectators and performers together. The piece runs about 40 minutes and repeats at intervals throughout the designated performance time.

Moving Landscape performs from 3-4pm on Saturday, June 9, and from 12:30-2pm on Sunday, June 10.

FIGMENT is free, as is the ferry to Governor’s Island. But lines for the ferry can be long, so head out earlier than you might have thought necessary.

Previously performing throughout three boroughs during last summer’s Sing For Hope Pop-Up Pianos and several times throughout the city since then, Moving Landscape embraces and adapts to each space in which it appears — the architecture, the terrain, and the human elements — and indeed gently welcomes the entrance of spectators into the performance. Like the previous iterations, the current version of the piece emerges from the natures of the individuals involved and the group they create, unlocked and coalesced by Artistic Director Polina Klimovitskaya’s Kinetic Mind technique. This iteration’s dramatic structure arises from children’s games. Neither theatre nor dance; neither choreographed nor improvised, Moving Landscape seeks to dissolve the boundaries that separate genres, creative processes, performers and spectators, and each human being from the next.

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