Actor’s Terra: Developing performers for the 21st century.

“The Aware Actor”

A new workshop to delve into the mysteries of creativity, led by international master teacher and artistic director of Terra Incognita Theater, Polina Klimovitskaya.

-study of the mind through the body and body through the mind
-bio-geometry of internal space
-text as vibrating reality
-body as metaphor to experience the character

Ms. Klimovitskaya’s Kinetic Mind Work, grown from the theater traditions of Russia and further developed over several decades, has germinated into a new vision for the 21st-century actor and is ever evolving. In this individualized training, each participant¬† examines how he she/he lives in her/his own internal, mental, physical and subtle bodies; how mind and body could co-create each other; and how, by bringing awareness to the unconscious patterns we carry within us, we liberate our creative abilities.

In a step-by-step work, artists examine the task of transcending themselves, entering into characters, and working with the text in ways that tap into each artist’s particular magnetism and power, the keys to a riveting presence on both stage and screen.

The group meets weekly on Sundays, from 5:30-9:30pm. Cost is $300 per month or $550 for two months.

The workshop remains limited to a small cadre of very committed artists, in search of the truth in their art and their own human nature. Participants work any dramatic or literary text – and are encouraged to bring a creation of their own. They may come from a variety of fields, including acting, dancing, writing and music. We hope to create a home for artists to collaborate among each other.

Interested artists should make contact to schedule an interview, including a short letter of interest and a resume/artist biography. Please write to:

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