Moving Landscape

Neither theater nor dance, neither choreographed nor improvised, but a Kinetic Drama, this Performance-InDistillation explores the fear of participation and opening to others and how individual and group dynamics continually transform each other. Because the structure of Moving Landscape arises from the natural tendencies of the participants and natural laws of space and movement, it continually shifts, ready, in its very organization, to incorporate any new location, presence, or input, whether human, natural, or human-made. Its intended audience is primarily the un-intending – any person not expecting to see art – because in the absence of critical expectation we can create a realm wherein the experiences of performer and spectator mutually affect each other and become equal in scale and quality. In that sameness, the work activates the potential for interpersonal connection on an extraordinary level. This is a chance, we found, not just for the public to experience art but for artists to experience the public. We want to continue to integrate art in the daily lives of communities and to find for our performers how to really be with other people and themselves.

Moving Landscape emerges in continually new iterations. The first, “Pianos”, occurred in conjunction with Sing for Hope’s Pop-up Pianos in summer 2011 in Times Square, Lincoln Center, the Rubenstein Atrium, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Tompkins Square Park, and Joyce Kilmer Park. It featured a large and rotating group of actors and dancers, as well as pianists. The second iteration, “Vanya” appeared in Washington Square Park in July 2011.  A third appeared in a trial run in Washington Square Park in December 2011. The work continues under development.

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