Terra Incongita Theater is looking for three select people to work with the company on the development and presentation of a new experimental work to be created through the unique training/creative approach of the company‚Äôs artistic director, Polina Kimovitskaya. The performance will be based on material improvised from rehearsals, as well as different types of existing literary texts — modern, medieval, and classical. Participation would begin soon and last until, possibly, June. There is no pay offered. The company seeks:

Background in literature.
A person to help research text to complement the created, original material and to compile the final script. A background or interest in Russian and/or Russian literature and/or the middle ages is a plus.

Assistant to the Director
No previous experience needed.
Position will include: taking notes, filming rehearsals, and otherwise assisting where necessary. This person will work closely with Ms. Klimovitskaya and will experience an in-depth journey of Terra’s creative and production processes, in the process learning from a master director and teacher.

A person with a creative imagination to complement her/his strong production/management skills. Someone who can make a lot out of a little, to dedicate time and effort to the technical production of the work and arranging logistics for performances.

Interested parties should immediately send a brief letter of interest and, if applicable, a resume or some other means of expressing your background to info-at-terraincognitatheater-dot-org.

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