A Taste of Honey

Teenager Shelagh Delaney created a theatrical sensation when her play A Taste of Honey opened in London in 1958, splitting open British society, so that it could face itself in a new way. (The play became a major motion picture almost immediately.) Set on the rougher side of 1950s Manchester, England, A Taste of Honey tells the story of a working-class, adolescent girl and her relationships with her fun-loving, “semi-whore” mother, the black sailor who impregnates her, and her homosexual, live-in best friend. It is an emotionally charged, naturalistic — and surprisingly unsentimental — play that uncovers the human longing for “tastes of honey”, those moments of sweetness that can bring hope and light to a seemingly dark life. Our reimagining of the play sought to bring an opportunity for self-examination to 21st century New York by allowing both performers and audience to break through the constraints of preconceived form and style in order to go beyond judgment and arrive at a closer understanding of our society and ourselves.

After many months of development, Terra Incognita’s interpretation of Delaney’s play had a work-in-progress run at Manhattan Theatre Source in December 2006. It featured company members Dolly Williams and Jeremy Goren, as well as Erin Mallon and Peter…. Ms. Klimovitskaya directed, assisted by company member Natalia Krasnova.

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